Student enters agricultural path thanks to Youth Apprenticeship.

Maryann grew up on a family farm where she helped care for calves. She was interested in a career pathway in agriculture, but wanted hands-on experience in the workforce before committing to the industry.

She entered into an Agriculture Youth Apprenticeship and was hired at the Swine Research and Teaching Center. Through her apprenticeship, she’s built life skills like problem solving and speaking and listening skills, but she’s also had the opportunity to participate in research projects.

Maryann enjoys working at the Swine Research and Teaching Center because it lets her work with and care for animals at all stages of life.

“I would highly recommend Youth Apprenticeship to others because of all the hands-on learning you get. It really prepares you with life skills and how the workforce operates. For me, it helped me find out what I truly wanted to do after school. For students on the fence, I would say just try it out once because it is a truly valuable opportunity you can get involved with.”

Maryann plans to enroll in postsecondary education to major in Dairy Science and minor in agri-business.

“This experience really helped me figure out that dairy is what I truly want to do as a career. I thank Youth Apprenticeship for helping steer me in the right direction.”