Earn while you learn as an apprentice.

Apprenticeships are a postsecondary education option like college or university but with one big difference - apprentices only train part-time in a classroom. The rest is on a worksite while earning a good wage.

As an apprentice, you'll train from day one, which allows you to build skills while completing tasks on the equipment or software you'll use everyday.

Your Education

Gain knowledge from on-the-job learning and job-related classroom training.

Paid Job

Apply your new skills on the equipment or software you'll use everyday and earn a paycheck for your efforts.


Receive a nationally-recognized completion certificate at the end of your apprenticeship training.

Apprenticeship Options

There are multiple different options for apprenticeships including Pre-Apprenticeships, Registered Apprenticeships and Youth Apprenticeships - all available in different industries.

Youth Apprenticeships

Youth Apprenticeships (YAs) combine school- and work-based learning. As a youth apprentice, you'll continue learning in high school but you'll also be completing courses related to the industry and working on-the-job at a local company.


Pre-Apprenticeships help individuals gain the necessary skills for Registered Apprenticeships. If you're interested in entering an industry but don't have the developed skills, Pre-Apprenticeships can connect you with an employer to begin working toward your career goals.

Registered Apprenticeship

Registered Apprenticeships (RAs) allow you to learn in the classroom and on-the-job while employed at a local company. It's a great way to build industry-specific skills while earning a paycheck.

I would like to thank the WorkSmart Network [...] for all of the information up front regarding the trades and what is expected and needed to become a successful apprentice. I would also like to thank them for funding the training for me.

Jacob, Sheet Metal Pre-Apprentice
individuals engaged in Pre- and Registered Apprenticeships in our region in 2020
high school juniors and seniors trained in industry tracks and completed high school graduation requirements in the region in 2020

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If you're ready to start learning and earning as an apprentice, or want more information about the opportunities that may be available to you, contact Jeff Kennedy at the WDBSCW.

Jeff Kennedy
Apprenticeship Navigator