Independent Living

Are you looking for housing assistance, funding for college or a boost with your career? We can connect you to local resources to help you gain basic life skills and find your career pathway to help you become a successful adult.

How We Can Help

Supportive Services

We can connect you to supportive services to help you adjust to living independently, including:

  • Housing
  • Transportation
  • Childcare
  • Basic necessities
  • Apartment start-up kits
  • Adulting & money hacks
  • Professional mentorships
  • Community connections


Do you want to continue your education or obtain a certificate? We can connect you to high school completion programs, scholarships and funding for certifications, and books and school supplies.

Career Assistance

If you're ready to start your career, we can prepare you with career exploration, employment connections and leadership development opportunities.

Youth Advisory Council

The Youth Advisory Council (YAC) began in 2015 and consists of current and former foster care youth who advocate and educate governmental systems and the public on issues surrounding the foster care system. YAC's mission is to inspire change through education, advocacy and awareness and to improve the image of youth by addressing foster care issues. YAC members begin on regional councils but have the ability to become members of the Statewide Council.

Start Today

Contact a staff nearest you to learn more. If you're not located in these counties, check out this map from the Department of Children and Families for a contact near you. Note: Internet Explorer must be used to access this webpage.

Columbia, Dodge, Marquette & Sauk Counties
Taylor Ahmed at 608.254.8353 or 608.432.6578* or gro.krowtentramskrownull@demhat

Dane County
Alex Maves at 608.279.5663 or gro.wcsbdwnull@sevama

Jefferson County
Brittany Palmer at 920.988.9128 or gro.krowtentramskrownull@remlapb

Waukesha County
Lauren Friedl at 262.695.8042 or ude.ctcwnull@ldeirfl

Ozaukee & Washington Counties
Cindy Hinckley at 262.335.5309 or ude.krapeniaromnull@yelkcnihc_cdw

Grant, Green, Iowa, Lafayette, Richland & Rock Counties
Jodi Rich at 608.314.3300 ext. 334 or gro.bdwwsnull@hcir.j

*Call or text