Career and college smart.

We know you're ready to step into your future. But do you have all the tools you need to succeed? STEPS is a short academy that can prepare you for your future, whether you want to continue your education, start a career or aren't sure what's next. Best of all, you'll have a support team to help you every step of the way. You do not have to participate in STEPS I in order to participate in STEPS II.

FAFSA Workshop

Join us at the FAFSA Workshop for a presentation from Joselyn Diaz-Valdes of UW-Madison on FAFSA. She'll help you navigate the resources available and what you need to complete the application.

October 15, 2020
4 p.m.

*A link and more information will be provided closer to the date.


If you are interested in or have questions about the workshop, contact Kong Moua at gro.krowtentramskrownull@auomk, Alex Maves at gro.wcsbdwnull@sevama, Holly Odeja at gro.krowtentramskrownull@ajedoh or Meredith Heil at gro.krowtentramskrownull@liehm.