We know you're ready to step into your future. But do you have all the tools you need to succeed? STEPS is an short academy that can prepare you for your future, whether you want to continue your education, start a career or aren't sure what's next. Best of all, you'll have a support team to help you every step of the way.


In a short amount of time, STEPS I can give you a boost with skills building and education information, tips on communicating, financial literacy assistance, work readiness assistance, paid work options, supportive services and more.

If you're in school, STEPS I can prepare you for a successful future.


You need more than just job-specific skills to succeed. We'll help you build communication skills to confidently communicate with tips on workplace expectations, voice messaging, email and calendars.

Work Readiness

Ready to start your career? We can help you search for jobs, create or edit a resume, practice for interviews, connect with employers, and more.

Financial Literacy

Adulthood can come with unexpected financial necessities. We can help you avoid money stress by creating a spending and savings plan that works, developing strategies to avoid financial pitfalls, and more.


If you're searching for tips and strategies for renting an apartment, getting your driver's license, buying a car or starting a career, let's talk. We can help you connect to and learn about resources to help you succeed. Plus, we can help you create a budget to achieve your goals.

STEPS II can help prepare you for your future, whether or not you're enrolled in school.


June 16 - June 18, 2020
10am - 3pm

June 22 - June 25, 2020
August 17 - August 20, 2020

*A link and more information will be provided closer to the dates.


If you are interested in or have questions about STEPS I, please contact Debbie Schmidt at gro.krowtentramskrownull@tdimhcsd.

If you are interested in or have questions about STEPS II, please contact Holly Odeja at gro.krowtentramskrownull@ajedoh or Meredith Heil at gro.krowtentramskrownull@liehm.