Do You YA?

YA is designed to shape and skill young talent for the needs of the profession. Think of it as an early recruitment and training strategy for your future talent pool. By design, YA integrates school- and work-based learning to instruct students in employability and professional skills defined by Wisconsin industries.

Local programs provide training based on statewide YA curriculum guidelines, endorsed by business and industry. Students are instructed by qualified trainers and skilled work-site mentors. Students are simultaneously enrolled in academic classes to meet high school graduation requirements; in a YA-related instruction class; and, are employed by a participating business under the supervision of a skilled mentor.

companies have sponsored YA students since 2013
students have trained in YA industry tracks since 2013

What's Involved?

Youth apprentices train from day one, which can help your company with two problems: the current shortage of skilled workers and the ongoing need for a highly skilled workforce.

The hands-on learning under the supervision of a skilled mentor combined with classroom instruction engages students in the learning process and motivates them to focus on their future.

YA training is a perfect blend of training coupled with work and productivity. It allows you to tailor the employee to fit your specific needs in your facility, on your equipment, in your environment, to your culture and to your standards and goals. YA provides you an internal career ladder and is a mechanism to promote your currently unskilled workers.

YA alumni are employed post-high school 85%
YAs successfully completed the program since 2012 84%
YA graduates enroll in a technical college or university 60%
Students sitting around a desk in a classroom

YA Industry Council Members & Supporting Staff

Michol Banes, American Marketing Association ⋅ Sarah Bass, Long-Term Care Workforce Alliance ⋅ Marshall Behringer, Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce ⋅ Dave Branson, Building Trades of South Central Wisconsin ⋅ Michelle Chawla, Chawla T-Acres ⋅ Fausto Coello, Staybridge Suites Madison – Middleton ⋅ Heather Dale, Covance ⋅ Craig Kittleson, MadREP ⋅ Dan Klecker, Wisconsin Automotive and Truck Dealers Association ⋅ Morgan Myers, Hilton Madison Monona Terrace ⋅ Alex Newman, Wisconsin Restaurant Association/Education Foundation ⋅ Jeff Roach, AGC ⋅ Ron Roehl, CNC Solutions ⋅ Marissa Seay, Wisconsin Division of Vocational Rehabilitation

Supporting Staff: Josh Fassl, Dane County School Consortium ⋅ Cyndy Sandberg, Jefferson County School Consortium ⋅ Sherrie Stuessy, Madison Metropolitan Schools ⋅ Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development ⋅ Workforce Development Board of South Central Wisconsin

Contact Us

Contact us for more on becoming a YA Champion:
Danica Nilsestuen, WDBSCW Director of Business Development
gro.wcsbdwnull@neutseslind or 608.249.9001

Dane County School Consortium YA Program ⋅ Jefferson County School Consortium YA Program ⋅ Madison Metropolitan Schools YA Program

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