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The Made In Dane Manufacturing Network is a team of manufacturers in Dane County who work together to create a space to share ideas and best practices; engage and build partnerships; and work to transform the image of manufacturing.

Our Mission

To enhance the image and raise awareness of manufacturing as a leading industry in the Dane County region, promote career pathways in our industry, and develop strong partnerships with manufacturers, community leaders and schools.

Our Vision

To create industry driven partnerships that will collectively promote the manufacturing industry to communities, be a recognized resource to manufacturers in the Dane County region and work collectively on initiatives that will drive long-term success for the manufacturing sector.

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Education: Strengthen communication and partnerships with education partners to ensure school staff, boards, students and parents are aware of the career opportunities in manufacturing and the economic impacts of manufacturing on the region.

Networking: Bring industry leaders together to build awareness of the broad manufacturing sector in Dane County, create connections and develop trusted relationships.

Resources: Strengthen relationships with economic development organizations, chambers of commerce and other strategic partners to ensure they are aware of the priorities of the manufacturing industry.

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Education: Collectively identify training needs and combine fiscal and human capital resources to fund and fill training programs.

Networking: Promote peer to peer education through best practice sharing and problem solving through discussions about challenges and barriers.

Resources: Bring together regional, local and statewide partners to identify resources available to the manufacturing sector.

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Education: Strengthen relationships with K-12 partners, provide assistance with curriculum development and soft skill/employability skill development, participate on industry advisory committees and assist with development of youth employment initiatives.

Networking: Develop and enhance relationships with community organizations to develop worker pipelines and assist with training programs and employability skill programs.

Resources: Identify and connect with community resources that workers and businesses can access to address retention and increase participation in the workforce.

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