Industry and Sector Strategies


Industry and sector insights drive our ability to create solutions that get results. That’s why we partner with government, education and training providers, workforce development organizations, labor unions, and community resources to focus on industry workforce needs within our region. These partnerships allow for industry-led dialogue to address the critical workforce needs of employers and generate solutions that benefit businesses and workers.

We’re continuing to invest in targeted workforce development strategies to better prepare, build and maintain a skilled workforce for the region’s driver industries – biotechnology, construction, healthcare, information and communication technology, and manufacturing.


The bioscience and biotechnology industry is a diverse and rapidly growing sector that contributes significantly to national, state and regional economies.


As the construction industry grows, we’re focused on addressing workforce challenges and opportunities for workers and the economy. We’re investing in workforce development initiatives and partnerships with industry leaders and agencies to build a skilled workforce pipeline to cover new work and a retiring workforce.


The demand for healthcare services will continue to increase as our population grows and as we live longer. Advances in technology allow healthcare professionals to prevent, diagnose and manage health and illness better than ever before. But that’s creating challenges for society and the healthcare industry, including a demand for an ever-increasing workforce with ever-increasing skills.

Information and Communication Technology

Information to come.


Workforce demographics dictate that in the long-term there will be a need for more trained workers in Wisconsin, which is why we’re investing in workforce strategies for the manufacturing industry.