Requests for Proposals

The Workforce Development Board of South Central Wisconsin (WDBSCW) is an administrative agency that uses contractors for direct services related to employment and training. The WDBSCW contracts with for-profit agencies and non-profit organizations as well as private and public sector businesses. Periodically, the WDBSCW solicits requests for proposals to interested parties that can provide services and programs the organization specializes in such as case management, work sites job search and placement services, service provider sites, and administrative services. The WDBSCW publicizes its requests for proposals (RFP) through public notices placed in local publications of record. The requests are also featured on the WDBSCW website and distributed via mailings to a list of potential candidates.

Requests for Proposals

WIOA Title 1-B Adult and Dislocated Worker Services, Out-of-School Youth Services, and One-Stop Operator

The Workforce Development Board of South Central Wisconsin is requesting proposals form qualified service providers for Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Title 1-B Adult and Dislocated Worker services, Out-of School Youth services, and the One-Stop Operator. Proposals must be received by the WDBSCW no later than 3:00 P.M. (CDT) on April 25, 2023. Proposals must be submitted electronically to gro.wcsbdwnull@tnemerucorp. Proposals must include all attachments and signatures as required.

Bidders may submit questions to gro.wcsbdwnull@tnemerucorp by 12:00 p.m. (CDT) on April 12, 2023. Please use "RFP Question" in the subject line of the email. Answers to questions will be posted on this page.

WIOA One-Stop Operator RFP

WIOA Adult and Dislocated Worker Services RFP *updated 4/12/2023

WIOA Out-of-School Youth Services RFP *updated 4/12/2023

Attachment A (included in the RFP document)

Attachment B - Adult and Dislocated Worker Services

Attachment B - One-Stop Operator

Attachment B - Out-of-School Youth Services

Attachment C

Attachment D

Attachment E

Attachment F

Attachment G

Attachment H

Attachment I

Questions & Answers

Updated 4/12/2023

Q: What is the cost for per staff housed at a Job Center?

A: Dane County Job Center: $250.00/month or $3,000/year (cubicle space)

Workforce Development Center of Jefferson County: $718/month or $8,616/year (office space)

Q: Can you please provide clarification and/ or examples for the following question from the Organizational Experience section: "Describe your experience with researching and implementing evidence-based practices. Please provide information on the practice, lessons learned as well as measurable impacts"?

A: For additional information on evidence-based practices, please refer to the following resources:

Q: In Attachment C – Proposal Checklist, should the Logic Model be included in the Proposal Response Package Requirements?

A: Yes, the Logic Model should be included in the Proposal Response Package Requirements. Attachment C has been updated.

Q: In both the WIOA Title 1-B Out-of-School Youth Services and WIOA Title 1-B Adult and Dislocated Worker Services RFPs there isn’t an Attachment F.  Should we assume that the Budget/Cost details be included in Attachment F or under Attachment G – Logic Model Template as indicated in these proposals?

A: Budget/Costs details should be included in Attachment F. Both RFPs have been updated to denote Attachment F in the header area for clarification.

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