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WDBSCW Deputy Director Seth Lentz (second from right) shares details of the Fast Forward collaboration to assist manufacturers in training initiatives for its current workers.
WDBSCW Deputy Director Seth Lentz (second from right) shares details of the Fast Forward training grant award that will assist area manufacturers. Also pictured (L to R): DWD Secretary Reggie Newson, Anteco Pharma President Howard Teeter, and State Senator Luther Olson.

LODI, WI—Columbia County manufacturer, Anteco Pharma, welcomed State representatives to its facility on August 7 to highlight its participation in new worker trainings supported by a Wisconsin Fast Forward grant award.

The award will help six area manufacturers, including Anteco Pharma, in offering customized training from Madison College to more than 100 incumbent workers, in partnership with the Workforce Development Board of South Central Wisconsin. The Wisconsin Fast Forward worker training grant program is designed to help address the crucial need for skilled workers by making funds available for demand-driven workforce training.

Managing partners Chris Conlon and Howard Teeter of Anteco Pharma shared details of their factory operations and training needs with guests Department of Workforce Development (DWD) Secretary Reggie Newson and State Senator Luther Olson, during a tour Thursday.

In conversation with State leaders, Teeter cited that the Fast Forward grant gives the company a training opportunity it could otherwise not afford nor provide on its own.

“This is really important to us. We are a small company and we are privately financed and training is expensive. This [grant] is such a great opportunity for us and our employees as we are investing in their future and their credentials. We’re grateful to be part of this.”

As part of the collaborative effort, Anteco Pharma will host the first round of training in quality management later this month, where its employees will be joined by workers from EVCO, Fisher Barton Specialty Products, McFarlane MFG, Springs Window Fashion, and Teel Plastics. In September, De Forest-based manufacturer ​EVCO​ Plastics​ will host the next round of training in safety at its facility, where its workers will train alongside those of the other participating companies in South Central Wisconsin.

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