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Read about the highlights of our year in our Annual Report or see how we operate in our Local Plan. 

WIOA Local Plan

2016 WIOA Local Plan (PDF)
Revised March 31, 2016
Legal Notice – WIOA Local Plan Public Review and Comment (PDF)

The WIOA Local Plan reflects the current and future strategies and efficiencies to be used to address the continuing modernization of the workforce system and creation of a customer-centered system: where the needs of business and workers drive workforce solutions; where One-Stop Career Centers provide excellent customer service to all jobseekers and businesses; and where the workforce system supports strong regional economies, as well as alignment with updated State and local priorities.

Annual Reports

2017 Annual Report (PDF)
2016 Annual Report (PDF)
2015 Annual Report (PDF)
2014 Annual Report (PDF)
2013 Annual Report (PDF)
2012 Annual Report (PDF)
2011 Annual Report (PDF)
2010 Annual Report (PDF)
2009 Annual Report (PDF)


Holiday 2018 Newsletter
Fall 2017 Newsletter
Spring 2017 Newsletter
Spring 2016 Newsletter

Board Meeting Minutes

11.02.2017 Minutes (PDF)
09.26.2017 Minutes (PDF)
05.22.2017 Minutes (PDF)
03.16.2017 Minutes (PDF)
01.24.2017 Minutes (PDF)
11.01.2016 Minutes (PDF)
09.22.2016 Minutes (PDF)
05.24.2016 Minutes (PDF)
03.28.2016 Minutes (PDF)
03.03.2016 Minutes (PDF)

Audit Committee Meeting Minutes

11.02.2017 Audit Exit Conference Minutes (PDF)
09.18.2017 Audit Entrance Conference Minutes (PDF)
11.28.2016 Audit Exit Conference Minutes (PDF)
10.03.16 Audit Entrance Conference Minutes (PDF)

Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

08.04.2017 Minutes (PDF)
06.19.2017 Minutes (PDF)
06.08.2017 Minutes (PDF)
04.10.2017 Minutes (PDF)
12.13.2016 Minutes (PDF)
09.09.2016 Minutes (PDF)
06.29.2016 Minutes (PDF)
06.02.2016 Minutes (PDF)
04.21.2016 Minutes (PDF)
03.03.2016 Minutes (PDF)

Planning & Development Committee Meeting Minutes

11.28.2017 Minutes (PDF)
04.04.2017 Minutes (PDF)
02.13.2017 Minutes (PDF)
08.29.2016 Minutes (PDF)
05.17.2016 Minutes (PDF)
03.22.2016 Minutes (PDF)
02.23.2016 Minutes (PDF)
01.12.2016 Minutes (PDF)

Youth Committee Meeting Minutes

12.07.2017 Minutes (PDF)
04.07.2017 Minutes (PDF)
02.15.2017 Minutes (PDF)
05.17.2016 Minutes (PDF)
02.15.2016 Minutes (PDF)
01.12.2016 Minutes (PDF)

Chief Local Elected Officials Meeting Minutes

08.22.2017 Minutes (PDF) – pending approval
02.16.2017 Minutes (PDF)
06.07.2016 Minutes (PDF)



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