Young Adult Manifests Dreams and Continues Education

Independent Living Program helps participant succeed.

LaTasha* is a young adult who aged out of the foster care system. She’s lived in multiple foster homes throughout her life and overcome various challenges.

She connected with the Independent Living (IL) Program for support continuing her education while working full-time. LaTasha also used the resources available to her to settle into her first apartment.

Unfortunately, LaTasha suffered an accident that resulted in mobility issues. This impacted her ability to maintain employment. While she was focused on recovering, LaTasha worked with the IL Program for assistance and support.

She began researching education opportunities and decided to enroll in a graphic design online program. LaTasha was able to transfer her previous college credits to the new program and plans to earn her bachelor’s degree within two years.

In April 2022, LaTasha attended a Youth Advisory Council (YAC) meeting to develop SMART goals and manifest dreams. These YAC meetings are designed to help young adults in the IL Program share their voice and explore topics relevant to their needs like budgeting, mental health resources or motivational tips.

“I’m so sick of wallowing in misery, and what the YAC meeting taught me was to keep going and to not let anything kill my dreams,” said LaTasha.

After the meeting, LaTasha made a digital vision board that included her SMART goals. She looks at the creation often as a reminder and motivation to keep working towards her dream of becoming a graphic designer.

*This individual’s name was changed to protect their identity.

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