For clinicals at the following facilities, complete the additional orientation requirements before your clinical start date. Follow the web link to your assigned facility for more information.

Henry Predolin School of Nursing Edgewood College Students

Students should check the clinical course Black Board site for first day instructions.

Agrace Hospice

Documents will be emailed to students.

Center for Healthcare Education and Simulation (CHES)

Student Orientation Packet (PDF 101KB)

Madison College Students

Agrace Hospice

Documents will be emailed to students.

Reedsburg Area Medical Center

Student Orientation Packet (PDF 369KB)

Reedsburg Area Senior Life Center

Student Orientation Packet (PDF 328KB)

Caregiver Misconduct-Abuse, Neglect, Misappropriation of Property and Injury of Unknown Origin Protocol (PDF 1.4MB)

St. Mary’s Hospital

Student Orientation Packet (PDF 176KB)

Confidentiality Agreement (PDF 55KB)

Confidentiality Agreement for Access to the Clinical Data Repository (PDF 86KB)

Southwest Technical College Students

Bloomfield Healthcare and Rehab (html)

Boscobel Area Health Care and Boscobel Care and Rehab (html)

Fennimore Good Samaritan Society (html)

Grant Regional Health Center (html)
*Grant Regional Health Center highly recommends students receive the Influenza vaccine but it is not mandatory (updated: 11/15/2013)

Memorial Hospital of Lafayette County (html)

Orchard Manor (html)

Pine Valley HealthCare and Rehab Center (html)

Prairie du Chien Memorial Hospital (html)

Prairie Maison (html)

Richland Hospital (html)

Southwest Health Center (html)

Upland Hills Nursing and Rehab and Upland Hills Health (html)

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