Apprenticeship pushes youth forward with college plans.

Sasha stands with her hands on her hips in front of a multicolor, abstract paint mural while while wearing blue scrubs.Sasha entered the Youth Apprenticeship Program’s health science pathway as a Dental Assistant at Mount Horeb Dental. In her role, she sterilizes equipment and prepares trays, rooms and other material for procedures. The program helps Sasha experience the ins and outs of owning and working at a dental office. She enjoys learning and feels accomplished after mastering new skills.

“I have also enjoyed being surrounded with such wonderful people who are so knowledgeable and full of willingness to help. What taught me the most was jumping off right into work with guided help from others.”

Sasha’s apprenticeship experience reinforced her plans to attend college and dental school after high school graduation.

“Even if you aren’t 100% certain about your career path, YA is a perfect way to test and see if it is something you enjoy doing.”