Youth Apprentice Bryce

Student and instructor near machine

Student continues to learn in his youth apprenticeship.

Bryce is a student at Watertown High School who is completing a youth apprenticeship in manufacturing at Sussek Machine Co. He credits his mother for helping him choose an area of focus.

“She said it would be a good start to learn how to use inspection tools, helping me towards my ultimate goal to work in automotive and diesel,” Bryce said.

Every day, Bryce goes to school and leaves at 1:20 p.m. to work until 10 p.m. At work, he asks his supervisor what he’s doing for that day and follows the directions. He then comes home to do homework and go to bed.

Bryce said that in order to succeed, you have to always want to learn.

Sussek Machine Co. has partnered with several YA students and is currently aiding the Waterloo School District in obtaining equipment to upgrade its lab facility.

Credit to Stuff SC

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