Individual connects with WorkSmart for training support.

Beatrice holds her Aspire Award and poses for the camera.Beatrice connected with the WorkSmart Network in 2020 while enrolled in the Strive CNA Healthcare training through Operation Fresh Start. She struggled with the virtual environment and decided to pause her education. But she remained determined to reach her goals and reconnected with the program when it moved to a hybrid model.

While in clinicals, Beatrice was hired at Meriter Hospital on the condition she complete her training and pass the state license exam – both she achieved in January 2022. She is now working and taking classes at Madison College with plans to transfer to Herzing University for her bachelor’s degree – which Mertier will pay for.

Beatrice never let anything interfere with her goals. Since enrolling in the program, her confidence has grown and she shares her journey with others to encourage them to pursue their dreams.

“I just wanna mention that WorkSmart is a great program. I’m still able to work with them – they’re a great group of people […] They wanna see you do good and they wanna see you utilize these programs and not only just the program, they want you to utilize the support they’re giving you because they’re giving you support for yourself.”

Beatrice received the 2022 Aspire Award for her perseverance and achievements in WIOA programming.