Laid Off Worker Returns to WorkSmart During Career Transition

Someone's hand writing on an application that's on a clipboard.

WorkSmart is here as your safety net when you need it.

Robin was laid off from her job at Foremost Farms in January 2020. She attended a Rapid Response session and learned about the free services available to her through the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA).

“I was pretty shook up and didn’t want to leave the company. And I was very grateful that the WorkSmart Network was available.”

Robin enrolled in the WIOA Dislocated Worker Program for assistance updating her resume, writing cover letters and thank you notes, developing her LinkedIn profile, and connecting with employers.

“I sat down with [my WIOA Career Planner] and she just had a disposition of comfort and calmness and friendliness and caring and I really needed that because […] I was at a step in my career where I thought I’d stay until retirement and I felt blindsided and wronged and totally lost.”

Robin’s WIOA Career Planner helped her explore new careers that matched her skills and interests. She also made sure to schedule plenty of time during meetings to discuss next steps or challenges. In August 2020, Robin was hired as a Retail Salesperson.

Unfortunately, she’s back to job searching. Robin’s position was primarily focused on numbers and quotes – it was a difficult work environment that Robin did not enjoy. Thankfully, the WorkSmart Network was there for her as a safety net and continues to provide support during her transition.

“WorkSmart has a lot of knowledge but they have that feeling of support and trust and that’s what you need when you’re searching for employment. You need to rely on someone who knows more than you do and so you’ve got to trust them. Follow through even though you feel like crap and you’re not sure what’s going on. You’ve got to have faith and trust. If you do, they will work hard for you. I mean, how many companies can offer that?”

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