Kevin’s Road to Success

A truck driving down a highway.

Kevin was dislocated from his job, he attended the Rapid Response sessions provided to the dislocated workers to hear about the services available to him through the WorkSmart Network.

Kevin decided to meet one-on-one with the WorkSmart staff to learn more about the services and trainings. He looked into many different opportunities but ultimately decided to attend the CDL License Training at Associated Training Services in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin.

After passing his Over the Road test, Kevin began applying for driving positions. The WorkSmart staff supported his search by reaching out to their contacts at local businesses. The staff advocated for Kevin and encouraged hiring managers to take a close look at his application.

WorkSmart connected with Hydrite Chemical Co., a Brookfield, WI company that focuses on food and dairy sanitation, organic processing, water treatment and more. The company had an open position that matched Kevin’s qualifications and goals.

Kevin was immediately sold on the opportunity and was hired as a tanker driver to transport material between two Hydrite plants. He is now making $2.00 more per hour than what he made at Oscar Mayer!

Kevin was pleased with all the services he received from WorkSmart. He encouraged his fellow dislocated workers to engage with the program to identify their career interests, obtain job assistance, and learn about training opportunities to meet hiring goals.

Congratulations on your new career, Kevin!

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