Jacob’s Success Story

Construction worker on work site

Worker enters apprenticeship training at WRTP/Big STEP.

Jacob connected with the WIOA Title I program because he was having troubles entering an apprenticeship in the construction trades industry. His Career Planner connected him with a construction-focused pre-apprenticeship training through WRTP/Big STEP in January 2020. The training included tutoring for apprenticeship exams, industry certifications, hands-on learning and placement connections.

In just six weeks, Jacob earned OSHA and CPR certifications and built up his math and blueprint reading skills to improve his candidacy for a Registered Apprenticeship in the sheet metal trade.

In February, Jacob became a Pre-Apprentice Sheet Metal Worker at Badger Sheet Metal, working full-time. He’s gaining experience with his company and plans to pursue a Registered Apprenticeship in the trades in the future.

I would like to thank the [WIOA Title I Program] for all of the information up-front regarding the trades and what is expected and needed to be a successful apprentice. I would also like to thank them for funding the training for me […] I was thankful for the opportunity.

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