Individual Reenters Community Thanks to Windows to Work

Thomas, a Windows to Work participant, poses with his German Shepherd puppy.Individual reenters community thanks to Windows to Work.

Thomas was released from incarceration in April 2020 after nine years.

Before his release, he connected with the Windows to Work Program to learn about the services and support available to him, including career assistance. For further services, he co-enrolled in Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) programming.

When he was released, Thomas moved into his sister’s house and hit the ground running, applying for job after job. He worked with his Windows to Work Coach to prepare for employment, but also on coping with his transition, especially since he was released during a global pandemic.

Thomas initially found work at a factory but his goal was to find a job related to dog grooming because he earned a grooming certificate while incarcerated. Shortly after he obtained employment at a highly sought after dog grooming establishment and began using his new skills to train his own German Shepherd to be a service dog.

Thomas continued advancing on his career journey and is now employed at Tradesmen International as a welder. In the transition, he received a $5.50 raise and is now receiving good benefits.

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