From Dislocation to Aspire Awardee: Andora’s Success Story

Andora working

Andora never thought she’d lose her job. As a single mom she needed to provide for her family. She knew that more education in a growing industry would help her and her family in the long-run.

“I needed to get into some kind of carer. I’ve always lived paycheck to paycheck and I’ve got 3 boys and a grandson and I wanted to be able to help them when I can […] I’ve always been in a struggling family and I just don’t want to do that anymore.”

With help from the WorkSmart Network, she gained admission to Madison College’s Welding and Fabrication one-year technical diploma program. Andora persisted through hardships even during her training. She encountered serious heart health challenges, housing hardships that forced her to move her family twice, and parenting obligations, all while working as a waitress and attending school full-time.

But Andora kept her focus and studied hard. She recently graduated from her program with multiple certifications, Dean’s List and Honor Society recognition, and a new job as a fabricator with SpaceSaver in Jefferson, Wisconsin.

“I do have to say that WorkSmart has been amazing. Any questions I had, anything I Needed […] there was alway someone there.”

Andra was awarded a 2018 Aspire Award at the WDBSCW Annual Board of Directors Meeting and Luncheon. Congratulations, Andora!

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