A Fast-Tracked Future

Person holding a pen and filling out a document at a table.

Dylan connected with the WorkSmart Network because he was having a difficult time finding a career. He enrolled in WIOA programming for help with career exploration, his resume, tips for his job search and supportive services. The Network also referred him to other local programs for more resources, like transportation needs.

“I just knew [WorkSmart] had a lot of resources and could help me get a job with my background,” explained Dylan. “They helped me in numerous ways and kept me organized until I got to where I was going.”

Just six days after connecting with WorkSmart, Dylan was hired as an HVAC Installer at Rock Mechanical.

“I absolutely love [my job]. It’s hard work and I’m working 10 hour days but it’s totally worth it.”

Dylan is currently working with his employer to accomplish his next goal: to obtain his Journeyman’s Certificate through an apprenticeship.

He is thankful for the help and resources he received and encourages others to engage with the WorkSmart Network.

“Trust them. They know what’s going on. I know sometimes it seems like you’re shooting in the dark but as long as you follow their advice you’re going to make it somewhere.”

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