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Trade Up Campaign

The Trade Up campaign was started in 2013 as a way to raise awareness for students, parents and educators about careers in the construction sector through the use of informative banners and talks given by industry leaders. The campaign presents up-to-date information and statistics regarding job growth, wages, skills or education required and available opportunities for apprenticeships in the construction trades, which include: (electricians, sheet metal workers, steamfitters, painters and finishers, plumbers, laborers, bricklayers, ironworkers, glaziers, carpenters, and operating engineers) amongst other trades available.

The construction sector comprises businesses primarily engaged in the construction of buildings or engineering projects (highways and utility systems), which may include new work, additions, alterations, or maintenance and repairs. Approximately half of the active apprentices in Wisconsin work in the construction trades. In addition, the construction trades sector continues to serve as one of the largest employers in the United States, with a projected sector employment growth rate of 2.6% annually through 2022, according to the U.S. Department of Labor¹. It’s an industry that will require a larger and more sophisticated workforce and predictions indicate that the number of women and minorities in the skilled trades will rise dramatically as the current workforce retires.

In this video, Nancy Everson of the Sun Prairie school district talks about how the Trade Up program was started and implemented, as well as the positive role she sees it playing in the Sun Prairie community.

How to Trade Up

  • Trade-Specific Apprenticeship Resources

    • Bricklayers

      Is bricklaying an apprenticeship you are considering? Check out the Local Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers website to learn more.
    • Carpenters

      Is a carpentry apprenticeship something you are considering? Check out the North Central States Regional Council of Carpenters website to learn how to make carpentry a career.
    • Construction Laborers

      Are you considering a construction laborer apprenticeship? Check out the Wisconsin Laborers’ District Council website for more information.
    • Electricians

      Considering a career as an electrician? Check out the Wisconsin NECA-IBEW Electrical Apprenticeship and Training Program for more information about how to get started.
    • Glaziers

      Every wonder what a glazier does? Check out the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades District Council No. 7 website to learn more about what a glazier does and how to get started in an apprenticeship program.
    • Ironworkers

      Ever thought of becoming an ironworker? Check out the Ironworkers Local 8 website to learn more about how to get started in an apprenticeship program.
    • Operating Engineers

      Do you like operating big machines? Check out the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 139 website to see what it takes to turn a passion into a career.
    • Painters and Finishers

      Ever thought of making painting your career? Check out the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades District Council No. 7 website to learn what it takes to make painting your career.
    • Plumbers

      Considering a career as a plumber? Check out the Plumbers Union Local 75 website to learn what it takes to get started.
    • Sheet Metal Workers

      Want to be a sheet metal worker? Check out the Sheet Metal Workers Local Union #18 website to learn the steps needed to become an apprentice.
    • Steamfitters

      Ever wonder what a steamfitter does? Check out the Steamfitters Local 601 website to see if a career in steamfitting is right for you.
    • Wisconsin Bureau of Apprenticeship Standards

      Considering an apprenticeship in another trade? Check out the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development website to learn about other trades and how to start your apprenticeship.

  • Occupation and Wage Information

    WorkNet Wisconsin | At Wisconsin WorkNet you can learn about the current state of the Wisconsin economy, see which industries are expected to have the largest growth in the future, see which jobs have the most openings, and compare wages across the state.

    Occupational Outlook Handbook | The occupational outlook handbook is a great resource for exploring job opportunities. Hosted by the United States Department of Labor, the occupational outlook handbook has employment and labor information from all over the country that is easily sorted to provide users with the most relevant information.

Trade Up Campaign Files

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