How A WorkSmart Network Participant Helped Create An Academy

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Not only did sue attend the first ever Computer Essentials Academy through the WorkSmart Network, but she was also one of the driving forces behind its creation.

Sue was working in a factory when she became dislocated in 2016. She rarely worked with computers and did not feel prepared to reenter the workforce. She connected to the Network through Rapid Response sessions to start building her skills but at the time a basic computer skills training wasn’t offered.

“I asked if they could do something like [the Academy] so we could have more skills. We had nothing. We worked in a factory, a lot of us for 30 years and didn’t have any skills in computers and that’s what a lot of jobs were,” explained Sue.

The Computer Essentials Academy was created to help participants like Sue build their computer skills, including how to use a mouse and keyboard, create documents, manage files, use the Internet and more.

After she graduated from the training, Sue was hired at Jones Dairy Farm where she uses her new skills to do quality assurance.

“My next goal is to improve on my job. I’m always learning and this was way out of my abilities in some ways and there were times I didn’t think I could do it. I’m still learning and the plant I’m in, it’s a growing plant so I’m growing with it.”

Sue is thankful for the training she received through WorkSmart because she learned many new skills.

“Without [WorkSmart] I wouldn’t have gotten where I got today. I would not have. They were very helpful, they were very kind and they were very patient. I’m older and for me to start over at my age was very difficult and very stressful and they kept me calm and kept me focused.”

If you are interested in building your skills through an Academy, visit the WorkSmart Network’s website to see if you are eligible.

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