Work Site Hosting

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Work Site Hosting Information for Businesses

[dropcap type=”circle” color=”#ffffff” background=”#555555″]M[/dropcap] iddle College offers a work experience component to help participating students expand their industry education into the world of work. A Middle College work experience offers a mutually beneficial relationship for both employers and students. It allows students to build professional experience in their field of interest, test tentative career choices, receive mentoring and make their academic studies more relevant. In kind, a work experience gives host companies access to motivated students and the opportunity to boost production and customer service, ease work loads during busy seasons and free up permanent staff for other projects.

Several benefits are available to companies that participate as a Middle College work experience host. Specifically, each student’s wages and payroll taxes are covered in full by the Workforce Development Board of South Central Wisconsin—who serves as the employer of record. The Workforce Development Board also handles the financial management (payroll, worker’s compensation, FICA and UI payments) for the student’s work experience with the participating company. In addition, the recruitment and pre-screening of qualified student candidates are also coordinated in advance by the Workforce Development Board. [divider scroll_text=””]