RFP Questions and Answers

WIOA Adult and Dislocated Worker RFP Q&A

Note: The WIOA Adult and Dislocated Worker RFP was updated on March 9, 2018 to reflect updates to the scoring tool. The WDBSCW applies Pass/Fail scoring to sections 1-3 and 8. Point scoring applies to sections 4-7.

Q: Will questions be answered as they come in, or will all answers be posted on March 30th? (Posted 3/9/18)

A: Questions will be answered and posted to the WDBSCW website as they come in.

Q: In reference to the support staff positions in urban model, the number is .5 to 1.0 FTE. Are we allowed to propose a figure based on our budget? (Posted 3/12/18)

A: Yes.

Q: Are bidder’s allowed to propose for a leadership position as part of the bid? (Posted 3/12/18)

A: Yes. we anticipate there will be management responsibilities. You may reflect your management strategy in your bid narrative. An example of this may be that you may wish to designate a staff in the model to be a lead. You are encouraged to clearly articulate this in your bid accordingly.

Q: Are rental and facility costs determined by the MOU?
A: Facilities are owned by each County – all entities in the buildings have independent leases. (Posted 3/12/18)

A: The WDBSCW holds the lease for the Sauk County Job Center. Bidders proposing for staff associated with that location will not need to build in rent or IT costs. (Posted 3/12/18)

WIOA One-Stop Operator RFP Q&A

Q: Will the budget tool be available in Excel format? (posted 3/9/2018)

A: Yes. Please see the Request for Proposals page for links to the budget form in Excel format.

WIOA Out-of-School Youth RFP Q&A

Q: Is the budget amount listed on the RFP a total for all contractors? (Posted 3/12/18)

A: Yes. The amount listed is for the complement of staff and functions reflected in this bid. There are other youth-related contracts and contractors within the region, but funds to support those are not included in the funds reflected in the RFP.

Q: Is the Resource Specialist for just Dane County or is this a regional position? (Posted 3/12/18)

A: This is just for Dane County. The rural model Resource Specialist positions were sole-sourced and are not part of this RFP.

Q: Is this a reduction in current expenditures for this program? (In OSY?) (Posted 3/12/18)

A: It’s not a reduction in regional OSY expenditures. The design reflects an anticipated change in relationship with a current OSY service provider. A current OSY service provider in the region is transitioning to be a pre-apprenticeship training provider. This may give the impression of fewer WIOA OSY-funded staff, but it is actually a reflection in the relationship transition. Overall regional funding and planned expenditures for OSY operations is relatively consistent.

Q: Will there still be WIOA-funded WorkSmart Network staff at the College?
A: Yes, there are Training Navigator positions funded through a sole-source contract. Those positions are referenced and will be part of the WorkSmart Network but are not reflected in the procurement.

Q: Is the Out-of-School Youth Training Navigator role (positioned at the technical college) available for bid? (Posted 3/12/18)

A: No, the Training Navigator role is part of a sole-source contract with Madison Area Technical College. This role is not available for bid.

Q: Will the changes in the design impact the In-School Youth vs. Out of School Youth (75%/25%) expenditure ratios? (Posted 3/12/18)

A: No. The OSY resource availability and resource designation will not be impacted. Costs for training will continue to be contingent upon WIOA programmatic enrollment.

Q: Do bidders need to propose a plan to utilize the 20% WIOA OSY fund expenditure requirement for work experience? (Posted 3/12/18)

A: No, the WDBSCW will manage this 20% work experience expenditure requirement for OSY programming. Bidders are not expected to articulate this as part of the bid.

General Q&A

Q: How many adult and dislocated worker job seekers have historically carried over between program years? (Posted 3/29/18)

A: We have experienced an average carryover of about 400 active cases for the staffing configuration reflected. This number is variable based on funding (e.g. Rapid Response/additional assistance grant funding.)

Q: Are we able to modify Attachment C – Demonstrated Effectiveness Form (page 49 of the RFP) to demonstrate local/customized effectiveness, as long as the form reports data that speaks to service levels and strategies? (Posted 3/29/18)

A: Yes, the last row in the table is intended to be customizable for that purpose. You may also add additional rows, if applicable. The attachment shall not exceed one page.

Q: If possible, please provide a salary range for each identified position in the RFP. (Posted 3/29/18)

A: Current salaries range from $35,000 to $47,000. The compensation levels vary based on company benefits/fringe rate, seniority, experience as well as additional responsibilities assigned to positions (e.g. lead positions within an organization may be compensated at a higher rate.)

Q: Based on previously submitted questions, we understand there are no costs associated with space/IT in the Sauk County Job Center. Please confirm it is appropriate to contact Tony Sis and Kathi Cauley to determine appropriate costs for the Dane and Jefferson County Centers. (Posted 3/29/18)

A: Yes, you may contact these individuals for cost estimates.

Q: Is equipment available for future use? If yes, is there a separate cost associated with using these items? Is there an expectation that additional equipment will be needed or for existing equipment to be replaced? (Posted 3/29/18)

A: Equipment is defined as a single purchase over $5,000 and would require prior approval. Any staff-level technology such as computer/laptops, printers or projectors should be included in the supplies line of the budget and can be explained in the Program Budget Detail.

A: There are laptop labs and projectors provided by the WDBSCW located at each Job Center location to support participant service delivery, including rapid response activities, which will be available for contractor use.

A: We are unaware of any equipment used for the delivery of career services in need of replacement at this time. Specific technology needed to support service delivery strategies reflected in your proposal should be reflected accordingly.

Q: Is furniture available for future use? If yes, is there an expectation that additional furnishing will be needed or for existing furniture to be replaced? (Posted 3/29/18)

A: Currently, all cubicle spaces used by staff do come with modular furniture. We are unaware of any plans to replace this furniture.

Q: Please advise if a separate budget narrative is required in addition to the “Details/Description” column on the Program Budget Detail form (page 46 of the RFP). (Posted 3/29/18)

A: A separate budget narrative is not required. The cells on the Program Budget Detail form (page 46 of the RFP) are expandable and intended to allow for adequate explanation. If there are questions regarding costs or explanation, the WDBSCW will follow-up with bidders accordingly.

Q: Are tables, charts/graphs, and graphics subject to the 12 point, Times New Roman/Arial requirements? (Posted 3/29/18)

A: No. Font used in tables, charts/graphs and the budget pages may be smaller than the 12 point and may use other fonts. The 12 point and font requirements will apply to narrative content. Please note that presentation and readability may influence reviewers scoring.

Q: Are attachments, in addition to those requested in the RFP, allowed in the proposal? If yes, will the contents be viewed as part of the evaluation? (Posted 3/29/18)

A: Additional material may be submitted with the proposal, but will not be forwarded to the review team members or used during the evaluation process.

Q: Please confirm information in the headers and footers sections are allowed within the 1-inch margins. (Posted 3/29/18)

A: Content supporting the narrative should not be included in the header and/or footer. Items such as page number or logos are acceptable.

Q: Page 25 of the RFP in the Design and Staffing section indicates responses to each section are limited to 2 pages per section. However, Staff Section: Support Staff (Urban and Rural) on page 28 of the RFP indicates a maximum of 1 page. Please clarify if 1 or 2 pages are allowed. (Posted 3/29/18)

A: We apologize for the inconsistency. The narrative responses generally have a 2-page limit. Due to the narrower focus of the Support Staff position and fewer questions, responses to this section are limited to 1 page.

Q: The narrative questions listed for Staff Section: Career Services Specialist (Urban and Rural) on pages 27 and 28 of the RFP take up a combined space of 1 page. With the maximum allowed number of pages for this section as 2 pages, this leaves only 1 page for narrative responses. Is it possible to expand this section to at least 3 pages, or more? (Posted 3/29/18)

A: No, the limit for responses to this section will remain at 2 pages. While we request you restate the question in your response you do not need to restate the sub-points as those can be incorporated into your response as appropriate.

Q: Section III: Submission and Review, A. Submission on page 30 of the RFP requests one original and six copies of just the narrative and budget only. Please confirm the six copies should only include the following items: 3) Proposal Summary, 4) Organizational Experience and Past Performance, 5) Relationships and Collaborations, 6) Design and Staffing, and 7) Budgets/Costs. (Posted 3/29/18)

A: For clarification purposes,  the six copies should also include the Organizational Chart and Demonstrated Effectiveness attachments, which were requested to support the proposal.

Q: Is the table of contents a required element? (Posted March 28, 2018)

A: The table of contents is not listed in Section III (B) or on the Proposal Checklist. Accordingly, the reference in Section III (E) item 7, will not be enforced as a disqualifying factor.

Q: The cover page for the One-Stop Operator Procurement reflects a number to be served? (Posted March 28, 2018)

A: You may remove or disregard this reference as it will not be used in the evaluation process.

Q: Where can we find an electronic version of the Demonstrated Effectiveness Form with the budget documents as stated in the RFP? (Posted 3/27/18)

A: The Demonstrated Effectiveness tool has been added as a worksheet in the Budget and Staffing Pattern Excel workbook. Please refer to the Request for Proposals page to download the file.

Q: What is the current performance being achieved? (Posted 3/19/18)

A: View the current WIOA performance report (.pdf) from DWD (rolling 4 quarters) for WDA 10-South Central.

Q: Who is the point of contact for each of the affiliate site and comprehensive site for rental costs? (Posted 3/19/18)

A: The WDBSCW holds the lease for the Sauk County Job Center, thus bidders proposing for positions in that location will not need to include facility or IT-related costs. Contacts for the Dane County Job Center and the Workforce Development Center of Jefferson County are referenced below.

  • Dane County Job Center
    • Tony Sis – moc.enadfoytnuocnull@sis
  • Workforce Development Center of Jefferson County
    • Kathi Cauley – vog.iwytnuocnosreffejnull@cihtak

Q: Who attended the Bidder’s Conference? (Posted 3/19/18)

A: The following individuals attended the various Bidder’s Conferences:

  • Adult, Dislocated Worker and OSO Bidder’s Conference
    • Jason Frey and Becca Collins – Opportunities Incorporated
    • Jon Danforth, Bill Juelich and Julie Enloe – Employment And Training Association
    • Karen Burns – Dynamic Workforce Solutions
  • Out-of-School Youth Bidder’s Conference
    • Jon Danforth, Bill Juelich and Julie Enloe – Employment And Training Association
    • Josh Fassl – Dane County Schools Consortium
    • Karen Burns – Dynamic Workforce Solutions

Q: Is profit allowable under this RFP? (Posted 3/14/18)

A: Where revenue in excess of costs generated, the contractor must maintain documentation, subject to audit, showing the use of the funds. These funds are considered program income and must be used to further the objectives of the program. Additional information about program income is located in 2 CFR 200.307(b).

Q: Who are the current providers? (Posted 3/14/18)

A:  Current service providers are reflected below:

WIOA Adult and Dislocated Worker Programs

  • Employment And Training Association
  • Madison College
  • Moraine Park Technical College
  • Opportunities, Incorporated

WIOA Youth Programs

  • Central Wisconsin Community Action Council
  • Community Action Coalition of South Central Wisconsin
  • Dane County School Consortium
  • Madison College
  • Operation Fresh Start

Q: What are the current caseload sizes? (Posted 3/14/18)

A: Adult and Dislocated Worker caseload averages are reflected below:

  • Average 33 currently active per Career Services Specialist
  • Average 61 served program year to date per Career Services Specialist

A: Out of School Youth caseload averages are reflected below:

  • Average 31 currently active per Career Services Specialist
  • Average 41 served program year to date per Career Services Specialist

Important: System design planning information is available via WDBSCW Board Meeting Minutes which are available at wdbscw.org/about/resources.