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WIOA Performance Technical Assistance Guide_PY2018 (PDF)

Case File Management

WIOA Case File Divers_20181129

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S1 Eligibility and Enrollment
S2 Assessments and Triage
S3 Career Services
S4 Training and Support Services


Form_Business Card Request_20171220
Flyer_Compass Info Sheet_20171011 (PDF)
Flyer On-the-Job Training_20171221 (PDF)
Flyer_WIOA Adult & Dislocated Worker Services_20171213 (PDF)
Flyer_WIOA Business Services_20171220 (PDF)
Flyer_WIOA Participant Services_20181212 (PDF)
Form_Event Promotion Request_20171220
Form_PreScreening WIOA_20171129
Flyer_Independent Living Region 5_20181102 (PDF)
Note Card_WorkSmart Network_20140930 (PDF)
Postcards_WIOA Recruitment (PDF)
Postcards_WIOA Refer a Friend(PDF)
Poster_WIOA Recruitment (PDF)
Poster_WIOA Training Services (PDF)
TEMPLATE_WorkSmart Network Event Postcards (PDF)
Flyer_WIOA Youth Young Adult Services_20180606 (PDF)
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Letterhead_WorkSmart Network_2018


WIOA Guides, Policies & Procedures

Federal Poverty Line (FPL) and Lower Living Standard Income Level (LLSIL)_2018June (PDF)

Accessibility and Civil Rights Compliance Resources
Foster Care Resources
In-School Youth Program Procedures
Local Policies and Guides
Performance Guidance
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USDOL Training and Employment Guidance Letter (TEGLs)
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